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Stop Throwing Your Money Away On Rent.

Learn  How To Own Your Own Home TODAY!

Get the FREE in-depth guide made to teach first-time home buyers exactly how to find the perfect home no matter what your situation is.

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First-Time Buyers Guide Overview:
1. Common home buying myths
2. Determining your budget
3. Picking the perfect area
4. Deciding on a property
5. Negotiating a great price
6. Closing on the sale quickly
7. Extra bonus material
Free Guide

Why You Should Stop Renting And Buy A House Today

South Florida renters -- If you're like most people who pay rent month after month, you feel trapped within the walls of a house or apartment that doesn’t feel like yours.


How could it not when you can't even bang a nail or two in the wall without a hassle. You might feel like you’re stuck in the renters road with no way of rising out of it and owning your own home. Well, don’t feel trapped anymore! 


This special free guide will teach you exactly how to stop paying rent and own your own home. It has already helped dozens of local renters get out from under their landlords fingers and move into a wonderful home they can truly called your own.


You can make this move too by discovering the important steps detailed in this free guide. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been renting, or how insurmountable your financial situation may seem. With the help of this guide, it will become clear to you how you can save for the down payment and stop wasting thousands of dollars on rent.

Jeff Creegan

LUX Properties

Cell: (561) 939-9819


Why Work With Jeff?


As one of Jeff's clients, you are his top priority. He will always be there for you when you have questions and need answers. He utilizes the latest technology  to remain reachable at all times. 

Honesty & Integrity

Honest and integrity are the core values that Jeff lives by when working with his clients. Your goals are his goals and he will do everything in his ethical power to make your dreams a reality.


Effective Communication

As a real estate professional, Jeff knows how to get his message across clearly and precisely. He will make sure all of your calls and emails are answered and that you stay up to date during the entire process.




Real Estate Knowledge

Even though  there is a lot of data on the Internet, Jeff saves you the time of trying to find it, read it, analyze it and understand it. You can trust that Jeff already knows anything you need to know.


Negotiation Skills

Jeff is a considerate yet tough negotiator. Using his superb communication skills and a talent for gathering and juggling a variety of information, he knows how to get you the best deal possible on your new home.


Well Connected

When you partner with Jeff, not only do you get access to him, but you also get access to his extensive network of contacts in the real estate industry to handle anything that comes up while buying.

Ready To Buy? Here Are The Next Steps:

The process of buying a home may seem complicated at first— especially if you're a first time home buyer trying to get familiar with the real estate market. Between finding the right area, obtaining a mortgage, understanding property taxes, negotiating with sellers and closing a deal, it's easy to become overwhelmed when there's so much at stake.

Whatever you do, don't try to buy a home alone. No matter what you read online, it is not as easy as it looks.  Partnering with an experienced real estate agent is key making the home buying process as simple as possible. You will benefit significantly with professional assistance from a real estate agent, plus, it's a free service to you.

Deciding on an agent to work with is a serious decision and you should only select a professional who you know will guide you through the purchase process, giving their best efforts in negotiating the deal and will assist you through the loan process, as well as the title report, inspections and even arrange for repairs if necessary.


Contact Jeff

Give Jeff a call at (561) 939-9819 or fill out the form below and he'll give you a call. He always makes time for his current and potential clients and make sure that everyone gets his full attention and effort going through the buying process. He believes everyone deserves his highest level of effort when it comes to purchasing a new home.


Talk About Your Goals

During your first call, Jeff will ask a few questions to learn more about what type of home you are looking for, where you are looking and what your current situation is. With this information, he will analyze what he needs to do to make sure that you receive his top level of service going through the home buying process. He will also discuss your mortgage situation and utilize his connections in the industry to get you the best mortgage rate possible.


Search The Market

Jeff will assess the housing market in the area you are searching  using advanced buying tools and services. He will not only access the MLS, but also properties that are not listed yet by leveraging his connections in the real estate market in South Florida. His goal is to find you the best deal out there.


Visit Potential Properties

After Jeff does his research and finds a list of potential properties he will then present them to you and allow you to chose your favorites. Once you decide on your favorites he will schedule viewings at these properties and take home tours of each one so you could see the homes yourself and get the best idea of what it would be like to live there. 


Close On A House

Once you decide on the perfect home that you could see yourself living in (one that fits your lifestyle and desired location) Jeff will negotiate on your behalf with the seller to get you the best deal possible. Once a final price is decided on Jeff will make the paperwork process quick and painless so you can get into your new home as soon as possible and begin this new chapter in your life!

Get The First-Time Home Buyers Guide

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See What Jeff's Clients Say

Mature Businessman

"Jeff is amazing, and goes above and beyond to help the deal go through. I wish I had another house to sell or buy so that I could talk to her every day again. Always has a positive, uplifting attitude! The best real estate agent ever for South Florida"

—  John Bannap,

Boca Raton

Smiling Businessman

"When we purchased our home in Fort Lauderdale, Jeff was not our agent, but the seller’s agent of the house we were purchasing. His personal attention, professionalism, and communication exceeded all of my expectations."

—  Andy Ryan,

Ft. Lauderdale

Smiling Mature Woman

"My husband and I met Jeff at an open house when we were starting the house hunt. We immediately were impressed with his knowledge of the Delray Beach area and knew we wanted to work with him. When we were ready to purchase our first home."

—  Sandy Chaplin,

Delray Beach

Jeff Creegan, Real Estate Agent | (561) 939-9819





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